Mike MJ Harris

About me

I'm a software engineer at MOO doing a little bit of everything. On the tech side our team has been working on integrating a new Java based CMS called Magnolia while at the same time implementing a responsive website redesign. In my spare time and when life allows I play with whatever interests me - in the last year that has included docker, meteor and web animation.

In terms of languages, frameworks and tools I have opinions about many things but like to be open to new ones - things are never as bad or as good as people make out. I like Angular and I like React and see advantages of them in different places. I spent 2015 mainly working with Node and 2016 with Java. More important than the language is how you design your code.

I'm lucky at MOO as we have a wide range of talents and in my job I get to interact with designers, UX and developers across the range. It is very much a T-shaped role. I get to learn and share in equal measure.

Computers are great and coding is (mostly) fun but getting away from the screen is important. I help organise Techrunners in London where we go on weekly jogs around Shoreditch and enter the odd race. As with coding I try and improve both my breadth and depth of skills - I've spent many years perfecting my running but have recently taken to the water to try and improve my swimming. Tips and thoughts from any swimmers out there greatly appreciated.

The tech community is generally very good at sharing. I've learnt lots from others and continue to ask for help and advice. To give back I do regular talks at General Assembly. If you feel I can help you in any way feel free to drop me a message - details are on my contacts page.