Mike MJ Harris

2018 New Year Resolutions


This year I decided I'd set some New Year's resolutions. All three resolutions are things I haven't done before, are independent and have clear metrics of success.

2018 New Years Resolutions

  • Perform an unsupported handstand
  • Dry January
  • Visit all of the Royal Academy's exhibitions

Perform a free standing handstand

As part of my regular yoga practice I've done handstands but always with support. I've always wanted to do a free standing one and I hope this year I'll achieve it. I have an idea of how to get there - mainly lengthening my hamstrings and doing lots of practice. On top of that I will probably need some help - I've got contact details to get private tuition as well as a studio that focuses on balancing. For inspiration I've been following Zoe Jones - Handbalancer on Facebook. Inversions here I come!

Dry January

Being part of 'Dry January' has always felt a bit cliched and has never appealed. As I've failed to go for any significant period without booze in the past year I'm hoping being part of a 'movement' will provide me with the social support and understanding to go for a month without. I definitely drink too much and would love to see how I feel after 30 days. Cheers to that resolution!

Go to all the Royal Academy's exhibitions

At the end of 2017 I changed jobs and started work at the Royal Academy. There were many reasons for changing jobs - mainly it was a fantastic opportunity with a challenging mix of technical skills and management. In addition to that I also wanted to learn more more about art and going to all of the exhibitions seems like a great way to go about this. The team's offices are part of the RA and we get free entry to all the exhibitions so no excuses. As part of my monthly planning I'll make sure I have the opportunity to explore the galleries. Watch this space for how I do and what I learn. If you'd like to pop by and catch up and see what's on feel free to drop me a message.

Achieving Other life goals

As mentioned at the beginning these resolutions are clear, independent and self contained. They are also nothing to do with my professional life or with my health and fitness. Both of those areas are too important to only reassess and set resolutions at the end of the year. For both fitness and my career I have a range of goals and targets ranging from new skills or processes I want to learn in the next few weeks through to long term targets I'm aiming for. Generally I assess how I'm doing and readjust my aims on long walks - I make an effort to take a regular long, leisurely stroll to work and think about life, the universe and everything. Sometimes my mind whirls away on an annoying situation, or on a talk if I have one coming up and occasionally it sorts out what I need to be doing next in life.

My new work is the furthest commute I'll of ever had in London - I'm hoping I can find the energy and time to make the 2h walk across town at least once a month and make sure I get valuable thinking time as well as seeing the sights.

Here's hoping we all keep our resolutions! Good luck with whatever you've committed to in 2018.