Mike MJ Harris

Blog Recipe


This is a list of the technologies and tools I used when building this blog. The next few posts I’ll look into these in more details, about the choices I made and the issues I had along the way.

Front End

  • JQuery
  • Handlebars
  • Gulp (plus a whole load of gulp tools to make life easy)
  • Sass

Back End

  • Node
  • Express
  • Handlebars (again! more about that in a future blog post)
  • Mongodb (sort of - was part of the biggest decision about building this blog)

Deployment / Other

  • Git & Github
  • Docker
  • Python Simple Server
  • Bash (does scripting count? Built a really smooth continuous integration system)
  • Nginx

That’s pretty much it - no css frameworks - half the fun of the project was building the css / svg elements. Also no javascript framework - I work with Angular all day but decided to go back to basics. Given where I ended up I probably should have used Backbone - I'll write soon about why I didn’t. Really I shouldn’t have used jQuery and stuck with vanilla JS - but to be honest life was too busy not to.

Lots of opportunities to change, improve and iterate!