Mike MJ Harris

Changing jobs


After around one year at mammal I decided I wanted to work in a larger company. At a small startup you have a whole range of problems to solve and exposure to the full stack. I'd learnt a huge amount but I wanted to have exposure to a more established company with a large number of users, significant revenue and employees with a wider range of skills.


I'm pleased to say that I recently started a job at MOO. They are a successful company with a focus on design and a large creative team. The tech teams are split into small crews with a mixture of developers, designers, qa and project managers. Each team is responsible for a specific area and it feels like working in a smaller startup with all the benefits of a larger company. The creative side of the company was a big draw and I've really enjoyed working closely with experience designers and the creative team during my first couple of months.


These are just some top level tips - every case is different but these are the couple of things that helped me find somewhere new to work.

You spend most of your waking life at your job. As such it is worth putting in the time and effort to find what is right for you. There are lots of jobs around in the tech world but they may not be the right fit. Do lots of research and ask people for advice. When approaching a company make sure you know what they do and have looked at their website. It's a small thing but I got a couple of interviews based solely on the fact that I had written a personalised email with a comment about their website. The little details often make a difference.

Ask me anything!

I previously wrote a blog about moving into the tech world. I still get plenty of questions related to those posts from people looking to get into the tech world or looking to change jobs and careers. One of key areas that differentiates the tech world is the support and help that everyone gives each other. Many people have helped me over the years giving me advice and help and I am always more than happy to help out anyone who approaches me. If you are reading this and want to ask me anything - whether it's about my experiences in a small startup for the past year, how to look for a job, what it's like in a new company or what life is like in London - feel free to get in touch. hello@mikemjharris.com. I will try and respond and either help or point you in the right direction.