Mike MJ Harris



Clicky, clacky mechanical keyboard. I have one. I'M TYPING ON IT NOW! Can you hear the clicky clackiness of it? CAN YOU? CAN YOU?!?!?! Why now, why a mechanical keyboard and is it any good? Who knows and who cares as long as I can TYPE REALLY LOUDLY.

The Keyboard
The keyboard


There were so many reasons not to get a mechanical keyboard. I mean firstly the noise - how could I inflict that on my co workers. Then the reputation - the stereotype clicky clacky keyboard user wasn't the person I aspired to be. Finally, ruining my experience on a laptop - I thought I might love a new keyboard too much and never be able to tap out letters again on my spongy computer keys.

What changed

The noise? No - still noisy but pandemic world working from home meant no one to disturb. Maybe even the clicky clackiness would fill the empty conversational void. Just me, talking to my keyboard. Oh the joy!

The stereotype? Well - there's so many people reclaiming the identity of the typical mechanical keyboard user. Stereotypes maybe aren't the reality. I could try and own a keyboard and not change my personality at the same time.

The laptop experience? Still freaked out I'll never be able to type on a laptop ever again.

The Keyboard

Did a bit of googling and lackadaisical researching - then on a quiet dull day I needed the sweet dopamine rush of buying something. This keyboard appeared in a search. It looked super cool, wasn't too much. Click, click, click and it was on it's way.

It arrived, plugged in, pushed some keys and letters popped up on screen. Excellent. It's definitely clicky clacky. The typing experience? Excellent. More travel with the keys, satisfying, enjoyable. Wrists need to warm up to some heavy typing but once going my fingers were doing a very good Riverdance impression.

Part of my mechanical keyboard
Angled view of my keyboard

The Keyboard - The Layout

Went for one of the 60 - 65% keyboards as they most matched a laptop keyboard layout - I've written before about enjoying my fingers flying across the keys so wanted to keep the experience very similar to what I'm used to (and don't want to lose). I'd just be gaining all the extra travel and clicky clackiness.

The layout is pretty good but a few keys a bit different or missing from what I'm used to. This meant I disappeared down a rabbit hole of tech to remap keys, ensure the remapping updated whenever the keyboard plugged in or the laptop went to sleep. Am sure it should be easier but look at all the ridiculousness I had to code. to get things how I wanted.

Keyboard at home in shed
Keyboard at home - where it will stay


Love the keyboard but not so much that I don't still enjoy the laptop. It's loud and clicky and not sure if I can take it to the office and inflict it on people. I'll complain about the faff of key remaping but really that was pretty fun.

The keyboard is a bit of plastic you push at and letters appear. But that's what I do most of the day, all year round - and if that experience is a bit better then I'm a bit happier.