Mike MJ Harris

Teeny Tiny Powerful Computer


The last few years I've been on a vague quest to find a super tiny but powerful computer. Finally I've found a 10inch laptop that is powerful enough to work as my main laptop plus doubles up as a fun, portable device.

Teeny tiny computer at the barbican
Tiny computer - Barbican Center for scale

Replacing a Dell XPS 13

My last few computers have been Dell XPS 13s. Along the way I tried using a Chromebook hooked up to the cloud and a failed attempt at coding on a Surface Go. I'd come to the conclusion that I'd always be stuck with a 13 inch laptop - but then I found in the depths of the internet the One-Netbook 5 - Intel I7, 32Gb RAM and 10 inch screen - but was it any good? Short answer - yes! It's my day to day laptop now. My job is writing code and it's more than up to the task - it even sped up build times on my work project by a factor of 3 from my previous decent specced Dell.

Not only did I have the speed but I had amazing portability - see the pictures for how easily the laptop fits on a train and in comparison with a 13inch Mac. It looks and feels like a leatherbound journal.

Teeny computer on a train Teeny computer with a mac 13
Teeny Tiny computer on a train and a comparison vs a 13 inch Mac


Compared to the Dell - none really. But both the Dell and the teeny tiny computer both have poor (or indeed no!) camera and relatively poor battery life. I got a super portable Opal tadpole camera and a battery pack (see pics). Both of these I would use anyway with another windows laptop and provide enhanced quality and power.

Teeny tiny computer in a shed Teeny tiny computer in a in a cafe
Teeny Tiny computer in a shed and a cafe


The main upside is the size. For a large chunk of the day though it's hooked up to a wide screen, separate keyboard and camera. But when I'm out and about it gets thrown in a small shoulder bag and I'm off. It looks super fancy and while my enjoyment of it is the main thing I've also appreciated the multiple complimentary comments.


The downsides of the camera and battery are a minor inconvenience and am hoping a future version with the new Copilot PCs will fix those issues. If you like small laptops like I do then it's brilliant.