Mike MJ Harris



Good news is life is great: work is going well, I've been traveling and getting fit again. I've run a marathon, been to Japan for the first time and learnt a whole load of new technologies. What I haven't done is blog...

Seeing my procrastination

When I started this blog I wrote in the first post that it is hard to continue blogging. With a change in job I've definitely found it harder and a busier personal life hasn't helped. The odd evening I've thought of writing a post and procrastinated. I did do one draft - and the beauty of doing a blog where the content is files on github rather than on databases you can see my thoughts and rough drafts. This post is an apology for not writing and but I did think about it and git history is proof!

Danger of git history

When writing code you aren't expected to write great code first time. It is often terrible. The more you understand the problem and the more you refactor the code gets better. Yes, you are judged on your git history but some refactoring should always happen. Words are different. People can easily get upset by words (although some people do get pretty worked up by code...) I hope I am not writing anything controversial but the way I write first drafts are often an all over the place stream on conscience. I then rewrite it again and again. I'm conscious that the git history will show stuff that I didn't want to publish. Hopefully anyone spending the time to read the git history and my draft blogs will understand this.

An apology

If you are reading this because you looked at my history, got upset and messaged me and I responded by sending you this post: present me apologises for future/past me . Hey - it's just words. Some of my code is much more upsetting


Just so it's here in the open, and once you write stuff down you're much more likely to do it! In the next few months I'd like to write a bit about chosing the right tools - we use jquery at work and it does everything that we need - front end frameworks are great but pick the tool that works for you. I want to write a bit about coding in Java after a year of pure javascript. I also want to put some of the content of my monthly talks at General Assembly into one or maybe two posts. I'll also be speaking at a conference in July about Magnolia the CMS we are currently implementing at MOO - and will write a small post about that. Fingers crossed in a few months I have a few posts out there, or at least a few draft branchs on github that I can point at and say that I definitely thought about blogging.