Mike MJ Harris

Why blog?


It's a bit grand to ask myself why I blog when this is the first post. Who knows why or how or when I will continue. I have reasons for starting but will those be the reasons why I will blog in the future? Hopefully I will survive past the first few posts and ease myself into a writing rhythm, find a style and learn a little more about myself and the world.

So why have I started to blog?

If a tree falls in the forest

If a developer develops without blogging - does that project exist? Well yes, but a blog is another part of a technologists portfolio. As a person who not only plies their career in the tech world but also seems to spend large chunks of my spare time shepherding electrons around digital networks I thought it was high time to start a blog.

Altruistically selfish

Over the years I have devoured in detail the many blogs out there. I am thankful to the many developers who have devoted time to explaining the many problems that have tripped them up. Hopefully I can repay the debt by writing a little and hoping someone stumbles across a solution to their issues on this site. But there is a selfish reason here too: I find that you can only truly understand a topic if you can explain it clearly to someone else. Often the process of researching and experimenting, writing and explaining will help you discover and understand a topic in much more detail.


Who knows if I am any good at writing but it's fun. I have blogged before but both times were more or less elaborate diary for very specific periods and projects. It was stimulating, interesting and satisfying and I want to see if a longer more wide ranging project provides the same buzz.

So those are the reasons I believe that I'm starting to blog. Let's see if, how or when I will continue and what the real reasons turn out to be.