Mike MJ Harris

Tech Tips


There's loads of tips and tricks out there. Here's some of the ones I find particularly useful when using my computer - most of them everyone will find valuable and there are a few that I imagine only developers will care about.

When to try something new

There's a balance - from one extreme of constantly looking for the new shiny thing to getting stuck in your ways and wallowing in inefficeint habits.

I value a good, efficient habit and like to push myself to improve a process that seems inefficient - then make that new way of working a habit and rely on that. With tech and learning new things I like to have a good idea of the problem I'm solving - there's always a bit of room for play and trying new things but I put the most effort and focus when I know there's a big payoff.

Most of these tips have stuck in my mind because they have significantly improved the speed or ease with which I work. Pretty much all of them give me a little burst of joy as I remember the pain I've avoided from learning the new tricks.

The tips

This page is the intro - and by publishing it hopefully will make me feel at least a bit accountable to follow up with the actual posts. I'll add the tips to the list below as I write them so you / I can see them all in one place. Watch this space!